I order the ZOX...and I adopt the ZOX® attitude !

ZOX® users

Businessman with phone

John Yves, 51 years old, craftsman: "I had headaches all day long and on the night, I had insomnias. I began being seriously worried so much as my work itself some felt. A girlfriend of mine offered me a bracelet ZOX®, I carried it for him to please. But to the end of a week, I felt squarely form : my headaches had disappeared and progressively I began sleeping as a baby. It is now 3 months that I carry the bracelet ZOX®.

Guillaume, 34 years old, computer engineer: "About 5 pm, I began feeling me emptied and extremely tired. To go out after the work became a chore and very often it happened me to make my fellows to believe that I was occupied but I only wanted to go to sleep. I thought that after a good night it would better ; but I slept poorly and I awakened tired. After one year of such a life, a friend who carried a bracelet ZOX® counseled me to carry the bracelet ZOX also. He was right. Since I carry the bracelet ZOX®, I feel well, ready to go out, to budge."

Elizabeth, 63 years old, retired: " I do not use any data processing and I have not any cellular phone. My daughter, knowing only to offer to me for my party, brought a bracelet ZOX for me. When she explained to me what the ZOX® is, I was'nt convinced I needed such a bracelet ! Now I am never without my bracelet ZOX® !" I feel more relaxed and especially I sleep so better since than I wear the bracelet ZOX®.

Ann, 47 years old, mother of 2 children: " Mary 14 y.o and Alexis 17 y.o play a lot on consoles for their video games and they correspond with their buddies by mails and with their cellular phones ; they were intolerable, excited, nervous, they slept poorly. They did not want to wear the bracelet ZOX®. Now they are never without their bracelet ZOX® because they sleep well and Mary asked me to speak about it with the mothers of her friends. I did it and they wear their bracelets ZOX®. The mothers thanked me for they find that their children have more concentration for their studies. We all noted that they are a lot calmer and relaxed."


Caroline,19 years old, student: "Now, I can spend hours and hours on my computer, I am not tired anymore since I put the bracelet ZOX®. Before, I forced myself to continue studying and I had even to stop because I was exhausted, emptied."

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